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The use and function of silicone rubber sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-19
The use and function of silicone rubber seals seals Silicone rubber seals are often used in daily utensils, such as rice cookers, cups, airtight cans, insulation boxes, coffee machines, etc. If the silicone rubber seals seals are missing, the closed type of this appliance will be There will be no more. 1. Silicone rubber sealing ring has excellent sealing properties, which can achieve good sealing, so that water cannot penetrate into the sealed space; 2. Silicone rubber sealing ring has good tensile strength characteristics, even if it is huge Tensile resistance, it can be continuously opened and not deformed; 3. The silicone rubber sealing ring has a good refrigeration effect, which can keep the ingredients or other items that must be refrigerated to maintain a good degree of novelty, and the temperature is Non-toxic and harmless, it is a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and healthy food; 4. The silicone rubber sealing ring has excellent adaptability. Even if it is heated at high temperature, it will not deform or change its condition, and it will not cause toxic and harmful substances; 5. , Silicone rubber sealing ring has excellent insulating properties, even under the premise of continuous high temperature will not be affected; 6. Silicone rubber sealing ring has a variety of patience, corona discharge resistance, pulse resistance and high resistance Low temperature testability, and also has good aging resistance; 7. Silicone rubber seals sealing ring has a long service life, and it is not easy to yellow or fade due to long use time; 8. Silicone rubber sealing ring is also better than others General plastic has stronger ductility, even if it is minus 60°, and can still maintain stable ductility; 9. Silicone rubber sealing ring can not be used in back shrinking solutions and refined oils. Naturally, it cannot be used in thick shrinking acid and sodium hydroxide solutions.
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