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The use of EPDM EPDM seal temperature

by:ORK      2020-07-22
EPDM EPDM is a common material of rubber seals seal, it has good weather resistance, ozone resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance. EPDM EPDM rubber sealing ring can be used for alcohol and ketone, can also be used for the seal of high temperature steam environment, apply to the sanitary equipment, automotive radiator and brake system. EPDM EPDM rubber seals sealing ring is one of the main characteristics of freon and many kinds of refrigerants, therefore widely used in refrigerators and all kinds of refrigeration machinery, so how much is the temperature range? EPDM EPDM seal ring generally use temperature range for - 55 ~ 125 ℃, using peroxide vulcanization can be as high as 150 ℃ hardness range: shaw A hardness of 40 ~ 90 degrees. Disadvantages: not fatty hydrocarbon and aromatic hydrocarbon, self-adhesive, and mutual viscosity is poorer. General manufacturers in the use of EPDM EPDM seal ring is generally not directly make use of raw materials, but according to the customer, give priority to with EPDM raw material to allocate, so that the performance of the sealing ring is more suitable for the customer's product requirements. Sealing ring seal, 17 years professional manufacturer for customized suitable rubber seals sealing ring, welcome to figure custom.
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