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The use of hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal condition?

by:ORK      2020-07-11
Hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal is one of the excellent comprehensive properties of rubber, mainly used in oil resistant, high temperature resistance of hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals, damping products, etc. , so what is the working condition of the use of hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals? The performance characteristics of hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals seal: 1, have good oil resistance, resistance of fuel oil, lubricating oil, aromatic solvent resistant to good; 2, the structure of hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal is highly saturated, make its have good heat resistance; 3, it has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, freon, acid, alkali has good resistance to patience; 4, excellent ozone resistance; 5 high compression permanent deformation resistance. 6, hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal also have high strength, high tear performance, wear-resisting performance, etc. More than for the performance characteristics of hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals seals, which means it can be used in the condition of the above, as you know, for the choice of materials don't welcome consulting, 17 years seals manufacturer, to provide customers with product design, mold design, processing, mixing and rubber formula research and development, testing and other one-stop services.
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