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The use of seals in life

by:ORK      2022-10-24
The use of seals in life is very extensive. Basically, the seals will be used for things that have a little touch with machinery. As big as cars and planes, as small as lighters, mice and so on. Seals are required. There are many types of seals, which can be divided into: the more common silicone rubber seals, fluorine rubber seals, ethylene propylene rubber seals, PTFE, neoprene, polyurethane and so on. According to the use, it can be divided into: acid-resistant seals, alkali-resistant seals, high-temperature seals, low-temperature seals, oil-resistant seals, etc. Many machines cannot work without seals, such as oil seals. If there is no oil seal, oil may leak, or even cause the machine to fail to work. I often see news of oil spills on TV. In fact, it means that the seals are not done well, or the quality of the seals is not good. The seal is an important part of the machine and plays an important role in the work of the instrument. To prevent the entry of foreign objects, seals must be used in machinery. Seals for different purposes can work in different environments. Such as high and low temperature environment, acid-base solution, oil resistance, etc. Different materials should be selected for seals working in different environments, such as the high temperature resistance of fluororubber. Sometimes the hardness of seals is also an important factor affecting the use in production and life. Not all seals are soft, for example, PTFE seals are quite hard. The mechanical seals should be checked frequently, and the abnormality should be replaced in time, such as deformation and breakage of the seals, etc. The main factor affecting the service life of the seals is the operating environment. Temperature is the main factor affecting the hardness of seals. In order to increase the elasticity of the seal at low temperature and reduce the permanent compression of the material, it is necessary to improve the formula of the material and add a certain amount of plasticizer to the rubber seals. After being immersed in the operating medium for a long time, the plasticizer will be slowly absorbed by the operating medium, causing the seal to age and shrink. Therefore, the seals should be checked frequently. Prevent accidents caused by aging. Company website:
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