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The use skills and daily maintenance of automobile rubber sealing strip

by:ORK      2022-10-20
Automotive rubber seals sealant strip is one of the key components of cars. It is widely used in car doors, window glass, car body, seats, panoramic sunroofs, diesel engine boxes and car trunks. It can be produced and manufactured to install passenger cars. The vulcanized rubber seals door hinge of the trunk door of the car also has other functions such as moisture resistance and sealing. The usual maintenance and use skills of the car window seal: 1. Check whether the seal has any large cracks or breaks. If the sealant is broken, it can be repaired with adhesive. Especially with the special adhesive for sealing strips, it is very easy to repair large cracks. Naturally, if the damage to the sealing strip is serious, or the embrittlement level is large, it is best to replace the new sealing strip for convenience. 2. After the car buyer uses the car detergent to clean the window, door and window seals, it is best to apply a layer of protective film with high water permeability, which can not only avoid the embrittlement of the sealant but also greatly improve the sealing effect. The tightness of the tape. 3. When dismantling and replacing the whole car body, a layer of sealant should be applied to the overlapped part of the welded steel bars. The thickness of the glue should be millimeters, and the glue should not have defects such as virtual sticking and bubbles. The ductile coating and anti-corrosion coating of 3mm-4mm should be applied on the lower layer of all wood floors and the lower layer of the front tire cover. This countermeasure can not only greatly improve the airtightness of the whole vehicle and slow down the rust rate of the vehicle body, but also further improve the ride comfort. 4. The tightness of the car door and the car body is a relatively difficult position. The tightness regulations are relatively strict, and the part that should be sealed is relatively long. The cross-sectional appearance of each tightness position is different, and the car door is often opened and closed. In high-end cars, 3-lane and 4-lane airtightness is often set, and a quadruple airtightness structure is installed at the position of the front support and the ceiling side load-bearing beam. This kind of multi-channel sealing is generally arranged in the front door frame, in addition to the sealing function, it also has the effect of sound insulation of the car. 5. After the car window is damaged, the buyer should check whether the sealing tape is damaged when switching to laminated glass. Because the window glass usually does not respond to the original appearance after maintenance, at this time, in addition to ensuring that the car window can be easily driven or lifted, attention should also be paid to the airtightness around the car window. If the gap between the laminated glass and the slot hole of the laminated glass is not uniform, and the vulcanized rubber seals strip is in poor contact with the laminated glass and the laminated glass slot, the car buyer can easily pull the sealing strip off with force. 6. When the car buyer changes the roof, he should first apply a layer of conductive sealant to the joint near the roof, and then apply the hemming glue all over the water flow tank body and the interface after welding, which is not only beneficial to the car body The tightness of the car body can also avoid the initial rusting of the car body caused by the accumulation of water in the reverse side welding. 7. The sunroof is the basic equipment of most family cars. When the sunroof of the car is opened, the track of the silicone seal is exposed to the air, which will inevitably deposit smoke and dust, and even run into small gravel. Long-term use is likely to cause the panoramic sunroof to deform due to damage and block the drainage pipe holes. Therefore, it is very important to remove the rails on time and to grease the rails. Although the car window seal is a small component in the car body, it can ensure that the power switch of the car door is stable and thick, and it can also protect the car from wind and rain, anti-fouling, heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, and hand over the work of the window and door. The edging has the practical effect of a decorative design. When the car body is subjected to vibration and distortion, the sealing strip also has the functions of buffering, tearing resistance, and maintaining the laminated glass. Therefore, car maintenance is no big deal, and all stages cannot be ignored.
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