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There are air bubbles in the process of rubber products production how to is good

by:ORK      2020-07-18
products co. , LTD. The main hardware combined with rubber seals shockproof cushion, MATS and other rubber seals products, support custom processing. Because is the production of rubber products, so we have some problems in the production process, has accumulated many years of experience and methods. In the process of production, for example, the bubble, what shall we do? 1, most of the reason could be the raw material, we've seen a similar situation, change another batch materials is good; Or is the time when the exhaust not lined up ( For reference) Number 2, rubber mixing to increase its BoTong, avoid air remaining 3, vulcanization molding machine suggest to switch to vacuum forming machine, avoid pressure injection molding into the air when in injection molding, air bubble problem is very common! Main reasons are: 1, the problem of material itself, raw materials in rubber seals mixing, the air is coated inside the material, cause in the process of machining, materials and air together into the mold, if the mould with no exhaust slot or not set row in machining process, the air is easy to be trapped inside the mold, make product have bubbles or porosity. 2 when the loading of the material, machine, screw in the coiling material, the involved in the air at the same time 3, is also the material problem, that is the moisture content of material is more. 4, processing, injection materials too fast, become turbulent, caused the generation of air bubbles! In the production of rubber products have bubbles can occur in a more or less, which will require our production staff always pay attention to check the quality of the products, timely find problems and solve the problem, avoid the waste of raw materials, the waste of time, cost and delivery time. Order consulting service hotline:
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