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Three questions and answers about sealing ring materials

by:ORK      2022-11-12
1. What is the difference between fluorine rubber seals and nitrile material? Answer: Fluorine rubber and nitrile rubber are both commonly used materials in rubber sealing rings. Nitrile has good compatibility with petroleum-based hydraulic oil, has good stability as a sealing material, is cheap, and is widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic sealing. Fluorine rubber is currently the best comprehensive sealing rubber among synthetic rubbers. Its heat resistance and chemical stability are good. Therefore, it is used more in high temperature occasions and special media occasions. 2. What is the elongation of the sealing ring material? Answer: The elongation is the reciprocal index of the rigidity of the material, expressed as a percentage of the ratio of the tensile amount of the material to the length in the natural state. The allowable elongation of a material is the maximum elongation before permanent damage or permanent deformation occurs. 3. What is the gas permeability of the material of the sealing ring? Answer: It refers to the permeability of the gas to the material. This property of the material should be paid attention to in the pneumatic sealing ring and the vacuum sealing type. Sealing rings are widely used in industrial production, especially in hydraulic cylinders, and they play a very important role. It can be said that they are small accessories and have a big role! With the progress and development of the industry, the form of sealing rings also increasingly diverse. Now the more common ones are: V-type sealing ring, Y-type sealing ring, O-type sealing ring, Sterling seal, Gree ring, U-shaped sealing ring. As the working conditions of modern industry are getting worse and worse, the material requirements for seals are also stricter, and many new materials have also appeared. For example: polyurethane, fluorine rubber, tetrafluoroethylene, nitrile rubber seals, etc. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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