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tighten oil filter, but never too much

by:ORK      2020-03-18
My 1992 Honda accord leaked oil from the oil filter.
I have changed the filter twice but it still leaks.
Can you help me with this? A.
Most oil filter leaks are caused by contamination or over-tightening of the oil filter.
When replacing the filter, check the thread and wipe the seat on the engine block.
Apply a thin layer of oil to the rubber seal.
Honda filter actually has a special way to tighten the filter correctly.
There is a series of numbers on the filter.
Note what numbers line up when the filter is leaning against the block, and then turn 7 numbers clockwise from the number you notice.
This process shows how important it is to not tighten the machine oil filter. Q.
I recently went to a local repair shop I really liked-mainly because they were handy-but every time I went in they wanted to offer more than I asked.
The transmission fluid they recommended last time washed water.
I have a Toyota RAV4 of 2007;
Do liquid need flushing? A.
A repair shop looking for problems on your vehicle is doing a good job and should be taken seriously.
A repair shop that oversells unnecessary work has given a bad reputation to all honest shops.
Regarding the flushing of the transmission fluid, Toyota is very specific in the transmission fluid and maintenance.
According to the Toyota store Manual, transmission fluid does not need to be replaced or washed during the service life of the vehicle.
This can be done, but certainly not necessary. Q.
I am in a dilemma between buying a popular touristic view and Nissan mulano.
I know it\'s expensive to fix a Volkswagen, but I like the car to go smoothly and quietly.
I also like the look of Nissan.
Can you help me make the right decision? A.
I don\'t know that Volkswagen is more expensive than any other car now-they are all expensive.
Volkswagen\'s been a little confusing these days and opened it again-
Porsche again offered to buy or merge with the company.
Volkswagen Tiguan is more compact, lighter and more flexible than Murano.
Murano\'s look is more modern and it can handle the extra weight better if you consider dragging the trailer.
Choosing a car is a very personal problem and buying a car you like to drive. Q.
I have a 2001 Ford Taurus sedan with a broken rear spring.
How long are these broken and how much does it cost to repair? A.
Springs at the front or rear should never break, but they do break.
Due to corrosion, there are some problems with the front spring break of the Ford car and the recall.
The rear spring seems to be vulnerable to the same problem (your e-
Mail is the third case this week).
It costs about $45 per spring and 2.
Replace in 5 to 3 hours.
After replacing the spring, consider aligning the wheels. Q.
Two air pumps have been replaced on my Oldsmobile and the car still has \"ooing\" noise in the morning for about 60 seconds.
The mechanic working on the car gave up, do you have any suggestions? A. The AIR (air injection)
Some pumps on oldsmobile are contaminated with water, causing noise problems.
The pump and some pipes are being replaced by The Fix.
Get your mechanic to check the technical service announcement no 04-06-04-037.
At the same time, look at the various check valves of the air pump.
John Paul is the public affairs manager of AAA New England south.
You can contact him at jpaul @ aaasne. com.
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