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Timely replacement of automobile oil seals can effectively prevent oil leakage

by:ORK      2022-11-02
Due to oil leakage and the reduction of lubricating oil inside the machine, poor lubrication and insufficient cooling of the parts will cause early damage to the parts and even leave hidden dangers of accidents. 1. The main reasons for common vehicle oil leakage 1. Poor product quality, material or craftsmanship; structural design problems. 2. Improper assembly at high speed, unclean mating surfaces, damaged gaskets, displacement or failure to install according to operating procedures. 3. Uneven tightening force of the tightening nut, wire breakage or looseness falling off, etc. lead to work failure. 4. After long-term use of the sealing material, the wear and tear is excessive, and the aging and deterioration, deformation and failure. 5. Too much lubricating oil is added, the oil level is too high or the wrong oil is added. 6. The joint surface of the parts is flexed and deformed, the casing is damaged, and the lubricating oil seeps out. 7. After the vent plug and one-way valve are blocked, due to the difference of air pressure inside and outside the casing, oil leakage is often caused at the weak seal. 2. Measures to prevent vehicle oil leakage 1. Pay attention to the role of gaskets. The gasket between the parts in the static part of the car acts as a leak-proof seal. If the material, production quality and installation do not meet the technical specifications, the sealing and leak-proof effect will not be achieved, and even accidents will occur. Such as oil pan or valve cover, due to the large contact area, it is not easy to compact, resulting in oil leakage. 2. All kinds of fastening nuts on the car must be tightened according to the specified torque. If the gasket is too loose and not tight enough, it will leak; if it is too tight, the metal around the screw hole will bulge or the thread will be tightened, causing oil leakage. In addition, if the oil drain plug of the oil pan is not tightened or loosened, it will easily cause oil loss, and then“Burning tile holding shaft”machine damage accident. 3. Replace the failed oil seal in time. Many moving parts on the car will be misaligned due to improper installation, the shaft journal and the oil seal blade are not concentric, and the oil will be swayed. Some oil seals will lose elasticity due to rubber seals aging if used for a long time. If leaks are found, they should be updated in a timely manner. 4. Avoid blockage of one-way valve and ventilation valve. As a result, the temperature in the casing increases, the oil and gas fill the entire space and cannot be discharged, which increases the pressure in the casing and increases the consumption of lubricating oil and shortens the replacement cycle. After the engine ventilation system is blocked, the movement resistance of the piston is increased, which increases the fuel consumption. Due to the difference of air pressure inside and outside the casing, oil leakage is often caused at the weak seal. Therefore, regular inspections, dredging and cleaning of vehicles are required. 5. Avoid the hub oil throwing. Too much lubricating grease in the hub bearing and cavity, or improper oil packaging, poor quality and aging failure; excessive temperature of the hub caused by frequent braking; loose axle nuts will cause the hub to throw oil. Therefore use“Cavity Lubrication”, to clear the ventilation holes. 6. Properly solve the sealing of various oil pipe joints. The union nut for vehicles is often disassembled and assembled, and it is easy to break the thread and loose, which will cause oil leakage. Replace the union nut, use the grinding method to solve the conical surface seal, and compress the nut to solve the seal. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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