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To enhance the service life of rubber seal, when used to understand these problems!

by:ORK      2020-07-04
In order to make the rubber seals seals can make a good performance and service life, also have some skill when use, the following seals manufacturers take you understand the problem of the rubber sealing ring need to pay attention to when using. 1, the first to use the premise is the need to choose the appropriate packing material and hydraulic oil, so that the rubber seals in work adaptability to temperature, and the compatibility of oil. 2, as opposed to a rubber seals seals sliding geometric position precision, material and surface roughness is fine can prolong service life. 3, for the hydraulic pump, installation time with an installation sleeve or shims to protect seals, lest his lips, twisting, twisted, sliding out in spring. 4, hydraulic cylinder is commonly used in rolling processing, such not only improved the roughness of the surface, at the same time also can do cold work hardening treatment, to extend the service life of sealing ring; Subsequent need according to the pressure, the length of sliding surface and types, these conditions determine & other Missile d etection & throughout; Time. 5, rubber seal surface lubrication in good condition, prevent particle invasion; Second use rules of oil and the correct installation method, is the necessary condition. Because different equipment operating environment is different, need heat resistance, oil resistance of rubber seal condition is different, and each product because of a variety of shapes, so when choosing the seals need to design, another seal has 17 years of development, production experience, has a professional technical team, can according to customer demand for the customer design suitable products, to provide good technical support, is your trustworthy partner.
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