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To judge the merits of O rubber seal quality?

by:ORK      2020-07-24
O rubber seals sealing ring relative to other shapes of sealing ring is relatively common, there are many factors that can affect the quality of, but the material is compared commonly big, effects on the quality of how to determine the quality of the O rubber sealing ring are qualified? Seal recommended from the following points to consider: 1. Test temperature resistance are good; 2. Gently pull whether resilience is good; 3. Testing corrosion resistance are good; 4. Whether glossiness is good; 5. Aging resistance are good; 6. If there is a pore or crack; 7. Size is accurate; 8. Whether there is any impurities or bubble; 9. With and without flash; 10. The stability is good. Above are some of the method of evaluating the quality of the O rubber seals sealing ring, as can be seen from above, from first to sixth is closely related to material, so O rubber seals seal material selection can directly affect the sealing performance and service life, so choose first to choose the right material. , of course, as it is difficult to meet the above conditions all basic is not to say that certain conditions must conform to all the above is of good quality and should be according to their own quality and bad condition to decide, if necessary under the condition of high temperature operation will need to select resistant material, performance in line with other. 17 years of sealing ring seal manufacturers, has a group of professional technical engineers, can according to customer demand design suitable for the customer the O rubber sealing ring; The finished product is through experimental test, the machine inspection, artificial one by one review three product checking procedure, ensure the quality of the product. Editor: dongguan reference:
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