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toyota recalls 1.53m vehicles worldwide

by:ORK      2020-02-29
Toyota is recalling one.
53 million Lexus, Avalon and other models, mainly in the United StatesS.
For brake fluid and fuel pump problems, Japan is the latest in a series of quality problems of the world\'s first automobile company1 automaker.
Toyota recalled 56 vehicles in six months, and Honda also issued a recall agreement on Thursday to recall an undetermined number of liquid-breaking leaked vehicles.
Toyota Motor Company
On Thursday, the company said it would recall about 740,000 U. S. cars for repair. S.
599,000 in Japan.
The rest are in other markets in Europe and around the world.
In the past year, Miller\'s testimony has been postponed, and Toyota has recalled more than 10 million cars and trucks from all over the world to various problems, from faulty accelerator pedals and floor mats capable of capturing accelerators, braking problems to the Prius hybrid.
On August, Toyota recalled one vehicle.
33 million Corolla cars and Matrix hatchbacks in the United StatesS.
Because their engine may turn off.
Toyota recall: What are the affected models?
Spokesman Paul norasko said in Tokyo that most vehicles need to fix the brake master cylinder this time, which may lead to a weakening of braking capacity.
Some models in Japan and elsewhere
But not in North America.
He said there was an electrical problem with the fuel pump that could cause the engine to stall.
He said there were no accident reports for the two defects.
Nola said the recall decision was made under Toyota\'s new quality control system established in the past few months to respond to criticism that the company had been slow to deal with a range of safety issues earlier this year.
Changes include the appointment of a chief quality officer to lead the regional quality control teams that have more autonomy to contribute directly to the decision whether a recall is required.
Toyota received initial complaints about both issues five years ago, but that doesn\'t mean there are documents that could trigger a recall, Nola said.
\"It will take some time to collect the evidence of the recall,\" Nola said . \".
He said the company soon announced the recall once the evidence showed it needed to be recalled.
Analysts said that just two months after the Corolla and Matrix recall, the recall decision appeared to indicate that Toyota was trying to be more frank about safety.
S. Regulators hit Toyota for $16.
Was fined 4 million for failing to inform the government of automobile defects in a timely manner.
\"Toyota\'s image has been affected because it is slow, so it is trying to respond quickly,\" said Qi Tenglong, a car analyst at Mizuho Investor Securities in Tokyo.
Models affected by the latest US recallS.
Including 2005 and 2006 Avalon, 2004 to 2006
Hybrid Highlander and Lexus rx3 30, as well as 2006 Lexus GS300, is50 and IS350 cars, the company said in a statement in the United StatesS.
Headquartered in Torrance, California.
Toyota will notify owners around the world by mail to come to repair free of charge, Nola said.
In a letter to the United StatesS.
Toyota said regulators first received reports of brake fluid leakage in February 2005, and found that the brake fluid involved after-sales liquids different from the Toyota brake fluid installed on the new car.
Toyota attributed the problems to the fluid and changed the rubber seals used in the brake master cylinder to the same as other Toyota cars.
From 2006 to 2010, Toyota said it received reports on the issue \"occasionally\" and now in all cases the rubber seals are curled and the brake fluid is not Toyota\'s original liquid
Toyota said that after receiving more Consumer Reports (mainly from Japan), it was found that only a small amount of polymer was contained in some brake fluid, which may lead to deterioration of the lubrication condition of the seal.
More tests last summer found that the leakage of the brake master cylinder was \"very small,\" the company said \".
Even if the brake warning light goes off, Toyota says the vehicle can travel 185 miles before the driver notices any difference in the brakes.
The company said that the braking performance \"may start to decline gradually\" without adding brake fluid \".
Toyota says there is still enough brake power to stop safely even if there is a problem.
It says that one of the brake circuits may stop working after another 93 miles, but due to the location of the seal, no further leakage affecting the other brake circuit will occur.
According to the assessment, Toyota said the situation did not bring \"unreasonable security risks \".
But because Toyota failed to comply with Japan\'s regulations to ban the leakage of brake fluid, Toyota was asked to recall in Japan.
For other countries, including the United StatesS.
Although Toyota has not yet identified a safety
The existence of related defects, in order to alleviate the concerns of potential customers and avoid confusion, Toyota decided to carry out a voluntary recall in the United States. S.
And other countries, \"said the automaker.
Models affected in Japan include Crown, Crown Majesta, Harrier, Mark X, Alphard, Kluger, Lexus GS350, Lexus is50 and Lexus is
The production dates of these models range from May 2002 to November 2005.
Two models in Japan
Lexus GS350 and crown-
Both are affected by these two problems.
Toyota\'s image has not been hit hard in Japan.
In spite of security concerns, Prius is still the best in Japan.
This year\'s sales model.
From January to August, Toyota sold five vehicles.
6 million vehicles worldwide, up 13% year on year.
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