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Trimming method of rubber o-rings

by:ORK      2020-07-19
o-rings moulded products during vulcanization, rubber will soon fill the cavity, because filling rubber needs a certain amount of interference, these extra rubber is allowed to flow out along the parting surface, causes of inside diameter of the different thickness of adhesive side. Because the rubber o-rings is need to strictly control the quality and appearance, because its function for sealing, small plastic edge is likely to affect the whole sealing performance, so after vulcanization of finished product is needed trimming processing, to remove these extra rubber edge, this process is called the trimming. But in general the smaller the size, the more complex configuration, the higher the difficulty, the more time consuming work. Moulded rubber type 0 circle trimming method has two kinds: 1, manual trimming is the traditional method of trimming manually using cutting tool along the product gradually excess glue to the outer edge of the trim. Need a higher proficiency will reduce the scrap rate of the product. Manual trimming investment small, trimming quality is not high efficiency is low, only applicable to small batch processing of the product. 2, the method of mechanical trimming has two kinds, one kind is grinding, grinding wheel abrasive paper is another kind of low temperature freezing to edge. At present, the low temperature freezing method has vibration frozen beveling, swing or jitter frozen trimming, drum frozen trimming, brush grinding freezing and blast freezing beveling five forms. in certain will by the high elastic state under the condition of low temperature into a glassy state, become a glassy state rubber harden brittle, hardening of the brittle speed related to the thickness of the rubber products. When put O rubber ring in the frozen trimming machine, under the control of low temperature products of thin plastic edge since frozen and harden brittle, but the product itself will still maintain a degree of elasticity, with drum operation, the collision between products, products with shot blasting and abrasive impact, abrasion, rubber edge will be broken off, achieve the goal of trimming. Products will restore the original performance at room temperature. Cold trimming high production efficiency, better economy benefit. But for the inner ring of the edge effect is poorer. Another kind of grinding wheel abrasive grinding. Will finish sulfide type O trap in diameter to match the sand bar or nylon rods, driven by the motor rotation, use sandpaper or the cylindrical grinding wheel, to get rid of excess glue through friction. This method is simple and convenient, efficiency will be higher than manual trimming, especially suitable for small specifications, batch larger products. Downside is that this is trimming by grinding, grinding wheel trimming accuracy is poorer, grinding surface is rough. Every enterprise need according to their own actual situation, combined with the size of products is to reasonably choose a way of repairing, flexible to choose to better edge to perfect products and reduce scrap, improve business efficiency. If you have to learn more about rubber seals products please consulting service hotline: url: /
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