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by:ORK      2022-11-27
Two common ways of oil seal design of rubber seals seals As the most common product in rubber seals seals, oil seals have always been at the peak of market demand, which mainly depends on the society that our society belongs to at present. As long as it is a machine, it needs gasoline or Whether it is diesel oil or engine oil, as long as there is oil, an oil seal is required. Today, we will introduce the two most manufacturers' design methods of oil seals in rubber seals. Type A floating oil seal is designed for high-load equipment, and is often used in various heavy mining equipment where large vibration and impact are likely to occur, such as coal mining equipment rocker arms, sprockets, reducers, etc. It consists of a pair of L-shaped floating seal rings and a pair of rubber rings (rubber disc springs), which are assembled in the L-shaped floating seal seat, and the principle is similar to that of type A. Since the deformation capacity of the rubber seals ring is greater than that of the O-ring, it can provide a larger floating range. In addition, the L-shaped floating seal seat is also easy to process, and the assembly of the B-shaped floating oil seal is also more convenient. The principle of other specially designed floating oil seals is basically the same as that of type A, but they are specially designed for different purposes. The B-type floating oil seal is the most widely used, and can be used in the driving wheel, guide wheel, support wheel, chain support wheel, wheel hub, reducer, screw conveying mechanism and other rotating seals of various construction machinery traveling mechanisms. It consists of a pair of conical floating seal rings and a pair of O ring manufactures, which are assembled in a floating seal seat whose inner cavity is also tapered. When the floating oil seal is compressed, the compression amount of the O-ring changes accordingly according to the installation gap A, and the contact specific pressure of the sealing surface of the floating seal also changes accordingly to meet the needs of different sealing environments. The above two are the most common oil seal design methods on the market. We hope to be of some help to you. Tai'an Gaobang Machinery specializes in the production of oil seal rubber seals. If you have any product needs, please feel free to call.
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