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Type O sealing ring

by:ORK      2020-07-20
colorants ( Also known as color masterbatch) : in a natural or synthetic rubber add right amount of pigments and some additives, allocate the required color after several word processing program and flake pigment, can be used as rubber seals o-rings, rubber seals sealing strip & hellip; Such as color or color to use. Color masterbatch and toner comparison has the following advantages: ( 1) Bright color is complete, can allocate the required in accordance with the customer demand of color. ( 2) Picking, scale is more convenient, good dispersancy can be compatible with a variety of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, easy control on the stability of color, to reduce off color make our products improve the additional value, the operation is not flying to reduce losses, do not pollute the workshop and not easy to produce off color. toning technique rubber color need some basic common sense experience and color composition, color base is composed of three primary colors, buy color card have special standard number, also has a color composition and proportion, but it can only be reference in the general direction, due to pigment, base material is different also, plus more vulcanized rubber seals sealing strip, after high temperature changes. If it is to join sulfur, there will be yellow. Some accelerator and stabilizer can also affect, this all need professional knowledge and rich experience. Color sense is also very important, some people toning soon, he felt very keen, of much, of course, practice makes perfect. Sometimes looking for a sample product color on the direction close to the sample, rubber components, as well as easy, fine-tuning 35 times can be done. Articles from the official website, reprint please indicate the source ( http://www。 netdsd。 com)
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