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Type O sealing ring

by:ORK      2020-07-20
O shaped rubber seal is widely used in various kinds of machinery and equipment, in different temperature, pressure and medium sealing effect, mechanical equipment to prevent oil leakage, leakage, leakage and the external environment medium and dust intrusion. Compared with the other rubber seals seals, o-type rubber seals sealing ring has the following advantages: the advantages of: 1, simple structure, small volume, compact installation site. 2, since the sealing effect, no periodic adjustment. 3, sealed performance is good, will not leak when static seal. 4, small friction resistance, suitable for the occasion of alternating pressure. 5, size and groove has realized the standardization, cheaper price, product availability, easy to use and buy. 6, strong adaptability, application is very extensive. O shaped rubber seals seal: 1, used to compress the dynamic seal, start the frictional resistance is bigger. 2, when the dynamic seal hard to do not leak, can only control the leak amount shall not exceed the specified permission value. 3, in the process of pneumatic and hydraulic pressure seal, need to add the lubricating oil, to prevent wear and tear. In some cases often need add dustproof, protective ring. 4, dual with a <> such as sports surface, groove, clearance of strict processing size and precision. According to O shaped rubber sealing ring and the relative motion of the sealing device, can be divided into static seal o-ring, reciprocating motion sealing o-ring sealing o-ring, rotating movement. According to the sealing structure, can be divided into two categories, radial sealing and axial sealing o-ring. Want to know more information seals, can focus on website, if you need custom seals, can call 24 h online service hotline:
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