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Type O sealing ring between the nitrile rubber or ethylene propylene rubber?

by:ORK      2020-07-19
Because of the type O sealing ring used is simple, cost and process is also has the advantage, so widely used, but to choose material may have a lot of people is not very understanding, and the material of NBR and 3-20 is also more commonly used, so choose what kind of material is better? Type O sealing ring manufacturer to tell you! 1, generally used to make type O sealing ring butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber seals, oil resistant, heat resistant, good abrasion resistance, and a common material of seal products, but should not be used for the phosphate series hydraulic oil and gear oil containing extreme pressure additives. 2, ethylene propylene rubber, good resistance to climate in air ageing resistance, oil resistance, resistant to freon and many kinds of refrigerants, commonly used in such as outdoor weather seal, also used in refrigerators and all kinds of refrigerating machinery. Each material have a bit, as to choose good nitrile rubber and ethylene propylene rubber, work requires a combination of products, choose the corresponding working conditions of different material, suitable to be good. If you don't know the type O sealing ring material, inform will condition, 17 years of professional for you to customize the right type O sealing ring.
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