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by:ORK      2020-07-19
Type O sealing ring is one of the more common rubber seals sealing ring, so how to store the rubber type O sealing ring? Dongguan type O sealing ring manufacturer to put forward the following Suggestions: 1, type O sealing ring should be avoided in direct sunlight, humidity and air circulation, in order to prevent the type O sealing ring accelerated aging, deposit type O sealing ring of the optimum temperature for 0 20 ℃, the suitable humidity of the air for more than 70%. In addition, type O sealing ring should avoid radiation, disgusted, insects, rodents, biological, dust, sand, mechanical damage, etc. 2, type O sealing ring must place away from heat source more than 1 m, with acid, alkali, solution does not allow liquids such as oil, gas, contact. Deposit and type O sealing ring are not allowed to use any device produce ozone. 3, type O sealing ring is not allowed to compression, stretching, or other form, are not allowed to use rope, wire products such as will wear bolt hanging up. 4, type O sealing ring generally use plastic bags, effective storage period for 2 - For three years. 17 years of rubber seal factory, provide one-stop processing customized various waterproof rubber ring, sealing ring, O ring, rubber sealing ring, the company introduced advanced intelligent production equipment and testing equipment, automatic batching system, mixer line, extrusion line, purifying workshop, fully automatic sorting equipment, automatic packaging machine, etc, more than 200 sets of equipment, vulcanization unit covers from 50 t to 1000 t, large product customization! 【 Click to learn more about type O sealing ring information 】
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