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by:ORK      2020-07-20
Type O sealing ring are widely used in various mechanical equipment on the seal, the regulation of temperature, pressure, and different liquid and gas medium, plays a role of sealing under static or motion state, with both high and low temperature resistance. Sealing ring manufacturer' Seal 】 Tell you in the use of rubber seal products at the same time to control the temperature range, good sealing elasticity, aging and ozone resistance, weather resistance, etc. Second, silicone rubber seal material in sealing ring is non-toxic odorless, waterproof, flame retardant, high temperature resistant, wear resistant oil resistance and other excellent properties, thermal insulation, insulation products can be made up and medical silica gel products, environmental protection level is standard packing. So, what are the factors O rubber seal material aging? A, oxidation principle of oxygen in the O rubber sealing ring material with rubber molecular free radical chain reaction, molecular chain rupture or excessive crosslinking, a change of silicone rubber products performance. Oxidation is one of the important reasons for the rubber seal aging. Second, the principle of light damage effect to the rubber sealing ring material is of high energy ultraviolet ray, because of shorter wavelengths, the greater the energy. Ultraviolet light in addition to the direct causes of rubber chain rupture and crosslinking, rubber for absorbing sunlight and produce free radicals, trigger and accelerate oxidation chain reaction process. Under the effect of outside light plays a heating. Light for his element working on the another characteristic ( Unlike thermal effect) Is a major in rubber surface into it. Samples containing high adhesive rate, two sides will appear the reticular crack, the so-called & other; Light throughout the outer crack &; 。 Three chemical reactive oxygen species, the effect of ozone ozone is much higher, more destructive, it is also a break in the chain, but the role of ozone to the type O sealing ring material is different according to the deformation of rubber or not. Four, increasing temperature can cause high temperature silicon O thermal cracking of rubber seals seal products or thermal crosslinking, but still hot the fundamental role of the activation. Improve the oxygen diffusion velocity and activated oxidation reaction, so as to accelerate the oxidation reaction of rubber speed, this is the prevalence of an aging phenomenon, namely hot oxygen aging. Five, the mechanical stress under the effect of mechanical stress again and again, can make the rubber sealing ring chain fracture generates free tsuen, cause oxidation chain reaction, formation of chemical process. Mechanical fault chain and mechanical activation oxidation process. Secondly under stress is likely to lead to ozone cracking. Sixth, the function of water moisture lies in two aspects, one is silicone rubber products in the moist air in the rain or soaking in the water, and can lead to easy to break, this is because the rubber composition such as clumps of water-soluble substances, tsuen wan, and water in the extraction dissolved by water. Second, hydrolysis or absorption causes, especially in the soaking water and atmospheric exposure under the action of alternating, will accelerate the destruction of the rubber seal material. Seven, other factors such as chemical medium ( The oil) , intending to metal ion, high-energy radiation, such as electricity and biological also influences O rubber seal material aging degree.
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