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Type O sealing ring of common materials have?

by:ORK      2020-07-20
material is divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber, our common silicone and rubber seals is often mistaken for two kinds of different material, but in fact the silicone also belong to one of the rubber, is a kind of synthetic rubber. is divided into a lot of material, so what are generally used as a commonly used type O sealing ring material? To tell you. 1, nitrile rubber seals, high temperature can reach 130 degrees, has 50 - hardness 90 degree, it has good mechanical properties, resistance to mineral base oil and grease, working temperature range ( - - - - - - 40 - 120° C) 。 2, fluorine rubber ( FPM) : strong resistance to high temperature, high temperature can reach 280 degrees, fluorine rubber type O sealing ring with high temperature resistance and resistance to chemicals is famous for its good performance. In addition, it also has good anti-aging and anti-oxidation, very low gas permeability, working temperature range ( - - - - - - 20 - 280° C) 。 3, epdm ( EPDM) : temperature range in - 50~150° C, with hot water, steam resistance, ageing resistance and chemical resistance and other characteristics. It is suitable for hot water, steam, detergent, potassium hydroxide solution, silicone oil and grease and other medium, but it is not and all of the mineral oil products, such as lubricating oil, fuel. 4, silica gel ( SI) Silicone rubber has a wide working temperature range - 60 - 180° C, harmless non-toxic tasteless, good resistance to ozone aging, oxygen old, light aging resistance and weather resistance, aging resistance, electric insulation performance is good, the surface of the special performance and physiological inertia, high permeability, food packaging sealed with silicone sealing ring (o-ring). Type O sealing ring and a variety of materials such as polyurethane rubber seals ( PU) And natural rubber ( NR) , hydrogenated nitrile ( HNBR) Ptfe, ( PTFE) Neoprene ( CR) Wait for a variety of materials. Type O sealing ring material a lot, when select material work requires a combination of products, manufacturers in the production general type O sealing ring redeployment of refining, need according to the customer's conditions so as to achieve better sealing effect. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, seal, 17 years technical experience! Editor: dongguan reference:
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