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Type O sealing ring of hardness to choose how much?

by:ORK      2020-07-19
In type O sealing ring, the first to focus on its size, but there is still a relatively easily neglected factor, that is type O sealing ring of hardness, the hardness of type O sealing ring is appropriate to choose how many degrees? It depends on the product itself the pressure in the sealing system. Type O sealing ring seal products, depending on the pressure in sealing system, design the different type O sealing ring with rubber hardness, should choose high hardness of the high pressure sizing, choose the hardness of the low pressure or low hardness rubber. In order to improve the product quality and service life, the national standard of rubber seals hardness has been implemented in series, such as: hydraulic system with nitrile rubber seals, in addition to the special requirements of rubber seals hardness is divided into 60 & deg; ± 5° 70度; ± 5° 80度; ± 5° , 88° ± 5° ( Shao Er a) Four hardness, in order to meet the requirements of different pressure. Generally 60 - Of 80 to 70 as low hardness, hardness, 88 for high hardness, sealing pressure in 30 - The hardness of 60 mpa range, type O sealing ring is 85 - 90 is more appropriate. Therefore, whether material or hardness, all need according to the condition of the product itself, such as your material of type O sealing ring or hardness etc do not understand, can let us know your condition, 17 years professional manufacturer of sealing ring, one-stop custom fit sealing solutions for you.
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