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Type O sealing ring seal

by:ORK      2020-07-21
When sealing gap with a relative motion, the dust and sand in the work environment is adhesion on the surface of the piston rod, and together with the reciprocating movement of the piston rod and oil film was brought into cylinder, become into type O sealing ring surface grinding grain, accelerate type O sealing ring wear, so that the loss of sealing. In order to avoid this situation, the reciprocating motion seal overhang shaft must use the end of the shield. Sliding surface roughness is type O sealing ring friction and wear and tear the surface of the direct factors. Generally speaking, smooth surface friction and wear and tear is small, so the sliding surface roughness value tend to be low ( Ra0。 2 - 。 050μ m) 。 However, tests show that low surface roughness ( Ra is lower than 0. 050μ m) The adverse effects and brings to the friction and wear. This is because the tiny surface uneven, can maintain the necessary lubricating film. Therefore to select the appropriate surface requirements. The material of sliding surface of O sealing ring life may also be affected. Sliding surface material hardness, wear resistance, the higher the greater the, the stronger the ability to maintain smooth, type O sealing ring of life is also more long. This is also the hydraulic cylinder piston rod chromium plating surface. In dynamic sealing device, the friction and wear is one of the important factors affecting type O sealing ring damage. The size of the degree of wear depends mainly on the friction. When the fluid pressure, the size of the type O sealing ring friction depends on the amount of precompression it. The increase of friction, makes rotating or reciprocating movement between the shaft and O ring friction heat. Because most type O sealing ring are made of rubber seals, poor thermal conductivity. Therefore, the frictional heat can cause rubber seals aging, lead to failure, type O sealing ring damage its sealing performance. Friction can also cause type O sealing ring surface damage, reduce amount of compression. Serious friction can quickly cause the surface damage of type O sealing ring, sealing. Relevant information is type O sealing ring, such as information need to know more about the seals, can call 24 h free online service hotline: articles from ( http://www。 netdsd。 com) , reprint please indicate the source
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