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Type O sealing ring seal

by:ORK      2020-08-08
Type O sealing ring the role of the main is to prevent the leakage of working medium and external foreign bodies such as air, dust and water enter the hydraulic components and hydraulic system. Sealing device is good or bad directly affects the working performance of the hydraulic transmission device, when the design, use, working medium to large leaks, system efficiency is significantly lower, will cause the system pressure will be able to rise, and can't work normally cause of fault. ( 1) Groove in the shape of a right to choose when using type O sealing ring, choose the most common is a rectangular groove, but some special place unfavorable choose rectangular groove, such as rotating seal, optional semicircle groove, flange and bolt head a narrow place, can choose triangle groove, etc. ( 2) Right to choose rational selection type O sealing ring hardness seal clearance and choose larger hardness material also can ease into the phenomenon of clearance, prolong the service life of sealing element. ( 3) 1) enhance the sealing effect of measures Pressure compensation groove. The sealing liquid pressure is too high or hydraulic impact can cause leakage of o-ring. 2) When rotary seal type O sealing ring can be inclined. Above is the application of tip type O sealing ring, sealing ring want to know more about information, can be focused on in this paper, from the official website, reprint please indicate the source
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