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Type O sealing ring seal o-rings

by:ORK      2020-07-21
The choice of type O sealing ring stiffness is more important. Such as a power pump turbine hardness is 70 ( 海岸) Seal, often peeling, transverse cutting, even after the 85 ~ 90 ( 海岸) The sealing ring, ideal effect. Hardness is low, easy installation, but prone to peeling off, installation damage, extrusion pressure even explode. High hardness, installation is convenient. Usually type O sealing ring 40 ~ 90 IRHD hardness, but in the use of 70 IRHD is more appropriate for silicon rubber seals is an exception, generally use 60 IRHD. Type O sealing ring: the nap of unvulcanized type O sealing ring rubber seals for viscous fluid under high temperature, pressure, and by the moulded sulfide phase, rubber rapidly fills the cavity, the spare parts ( In order to prevent the lack of glue, filling in the cavity of the rubber seals, must maintain excessive) Overflow sulfide, formed glue ( Also known as waste edge, flash), 。 Excessive side once formed, to make a neat appearance, beautiful, must be removed, the trimming process xi said. Demand for trimming is size accurate, neat appearance. In the actual production. Products of trimming is often time-consuming, Labour, for strict product, taken when trimming which may waste time, must be treated with caution. Generally speaking, the smaller the size of product, the more complex topography, the difficulty of the trimming is higher, more waste. If you want to know more about knowledge seal, which can focus on, if you need custom sealing ring, can call 24 h online service hotline: articles from, reprint please indicate the source
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