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Type O sealing ring when the design need to pay attention to what problem?

by:ORK      2020-07-20
Type O sealing ring is a common seal products, although its structure is simple, but in the process of design and selection of material, also need according to the condition of the products, so as to achieve better sealing effect. 1, the size of the groove type O sealing ring is installed in the groove, in order to be able to play a good sealing effect, should set an initial prestressing quantity. Type O sealing ring of the cross section size proportional to the height of the groove, groove too wide or too narrow, if at the time of installation will appear stretched and tighten the size is too big, so that appear easily in the process of using the shear force or surplus quantity is not enough and cause the damage of the seal and leak. 2, work environment and media environment and media including temperature, medium, pressure such as working conditions, such as the need to need to choose high temperature resistant silicone or fluorine rubber seals, nitrile rubber seals oil resistant need to choose, in the outdoor use such as resistance to aging, generally choose epdm, so the design need to consider the operation condition of the sealing ring (o-ring). 3, work form according to the work can be divided into static seal and dynamic seal; If the cylinder form of work can be divided into: hole with seal, shaft seal and rotating seal; About the hole with a seal, should make its inner diameter equal to or slightly less than the diameter of the groove, device for axial pressure to thinking direction, according to the installation methods and can be divided into device of radial and axial; Device for radial on shaft seal, should make type O sealing ring inside diameter and sealed between the diameter error as small as possible. Want to achieve better sealing effect, need according to the working condition of product design and the choice of materials, professional manufacturer of sealing ring seal of 18 years, if you have more problems with type O sealing ring, welcome to contact us:.
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