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Type O sealing ring when using need to pay attention to?

by:ORK      2020-08-08
Type O sealing ring has good sealing, generally used in static seal, also can be used in dynamic seal, and not only can be used alone, and is often used in combined seal, its use scope is broad, so what do I need to pay attention to when using the type O sealing ring? 1, the more important thing is to use must according to use conditions to select the suitable material; 2, type O sealing ring is generally not repeatable use; 3, loading grooves, note type O sealing ring is not to be distorted; 4, when installation, can consider in the groove and type O sealing ring seal in medium; 5, in the case of not use try not to open the original packaging, in order to avoid the type O sealing ring on adhesion were mixed with dust or foreign body may cause damage; 6, avoid direct sunlight or placed near the boiler high temperature heat source such as to avoid its aging; 7, should avoid strapping on a needle or metal line in order to avoid deformation and lip type O sealing ring damage; 8, type O sealing ring in the custody of color would happen occasionally, namely surface to produce white powder, this will have bad influence on the performance of the type O sealing ring. Above is the need to pay attention to some problems when using the type O sealing ring, 18 years seals manufacturer, can provide one-stop customized service, the customer request welcome consultation: if you have any more questions.
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