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Type of sealing material device

by:ORK      2022-11-11
1. Compression molding Most rubber seals use this molding method, such as various extrusion seals, rotary shaft lip seals, reciprocating lip seals, composite seals, film seals, bellows seals, etc. 2. Processing and molding such as rectangular seals, piston ring seals, coaxial seals (or slip ring combined seals), etc. 3. Plate or strip type materials such as rubber, fiber-reinforced rubber seals, bonding asbestos fibers, aramid fibers, etc. Most of the plate or strip type materials are used for sealing gaskets or fillers, and rubber seals is used as the bonding of asbestos and its substitutes Agents, in which aramid fibers and processed rubber seals rings are sometimes used for reciprocating seals in aerospace equipment. Company website:
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