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Types, characteristics and uses of rubber seals

by:ORK      2022-10-22
These basic properties of rubber make it an excellent material for shock absorption, sealing, flexing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation and bonding in the industry. 1: Classification of rubber 1. According to the source and method of raw materials, rubber can be divided into two categories: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Among them, the consumption of natural rubber accounts for 1/3, and the consumption of synthetic rubber seals accounts for 2/3. 2. According to the appearance of rubber, rubber can be divided into four categories: solid rubber (also known as dry rubber), milky rubber (referred to as latex), liquid rubber and powder rubber. 3. According to the properties and uses of rubber, in addition to natural rubber, synthetic rubber can be divided into general synthetic rubber, semi-universal synthetic rubber, special synthetic rubber and special synthetic rubber. 4. According to the physical form of rubber, rubber can be divided into hard rubber and soft rubber, raw rubber and mixed rubber. According to the type of rubber and the form of cross-linking, in industrial use, rubber can be classified as follows. The first category is divided into ordinary rubber, heat-resistant rubber, oil-resistant rubber, weather-resistant rubber, and special chemical medium-resistant rubber according to the functions of heat resistance and oil resistance. Definition of rubber seals seals (Rubberseals) are a kind of general basic components in sealing devices, which play a very important role in the contradiction between leakage and sealing. Solve leaks and seals in man's conquest of nature. It has been an important way to promote technological progress, prevent and reduce environmental pollution. seals are a type of rubber products widely used in sealing technology. Because rubber is a valuable elastic polymer material, it has a wide temperature range, and a small stress in different media will produce a large deformation. This deformation can provide contact pressure, compensate for the leakage gap, and achieve the purpose of sealing . The main products currently include rubber sealing rings, rubber gaskets, flange gaskets, rubber shock-absorbing blocks, rubber O ring manufactures, V-rings, X-rings, Y-rings, etc. in various forms, sizes, colors, hardness and products made of materials, although our rubber seals seal products started relatively slowly, with the development of society and the emergence of new sealing production equipment and technologies, the technical requirements for sealing products have become more and more stringent, thereby further promoting the development and development of new products. development. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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