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by:ORK      2020-07-29
U type rubber fender sealing strip shape is u-shaped, a packet BianShi between objects and accessories can be connected and wrapped tightly together, which have the effect of seal waterproof, such as doors and Windows of edge sealing strip, table, etc. , so U rubber seals anti-collision sealing strip have what advantage? 1, environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless; 2, good resilience, kink resistance, resistance to tear; Article 3, U type rubber fender seal has good sealing performance, waterproof, anti-collision, wear-resisting; 4, flame retardant, fire prevention, high and low temperature resistance; 5, ageing resistance, use for a long time no cracks, deformation; 6, high and low temperature resistance, in - Between 60 to 200 degrees can maintain its original sealing performance. U type rubber seals fender seals are used for doors and Windows, automobile, chemical, instrumentation, machinery, daily necessities, furniture, electrical and electronic equipment such as seal. Sealing strip manufacturer seal of 18 years, can be customized according to customer demand for different high and low temperature resistance, high and low pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali and other chemical medium, corrosion resistance, aging, knight of the oil pressure and fatigue different conditions, such as the environment and the different structure of sealing strip, U type rubber fender sealing strip solution hotline:.
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