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Under the high growth of rubber and plastic seal manufacturing enterprises, they should pay more attention to the brand

by:ORK      2022-11-09
Although rubber and plastic seals are small, they occupy a very important position in the development of the national economy. They are basic components and accessories in industries such as national defense, chemical industry, petroleum, coal, transportation and machinery manufacturing. In recent years, with the rapid economic growth, the rubber and plastic seal manufacturing industry has maintained double-digit growth. According to statistics, in 2010, enterprises above designated size in my country's rubber and plastic seal manufacturing industry (according to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the sales revenue is more than 5 million yuan) achieved a total industrial output value of nearly 8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 25%. The '2012-2016 China and Plastic Seal Manufacturing Industry Production and Marketing Demand and Strategic Investment Analysis Report' released by the research institute shows that there are nearly 300 enterprises above designated size in the domestic rubber and plastic seal manufacturing industry, and the industry is generally small in scale. The development situation of low technical level. From the perspective of enterprise economic type, private and foreign-funded enterprises account for more than 95%, which is the main economic type of the industry; at the same time, enterprises are basically concentrated in East China. From the perspective of the number of enterprises, sales income and asset scale, East China has Occupy a considerable share, and the market concentration is relatively high. The rapid development of the economy has brought an increase in fixed asset investment in major downstream industries such as the automobile industry and other machinery, and the domestic market demand is strong, providing a huge market space for the rubber and plastic seal manufacturing industry. Many multinational companies have entered the Chinese market through joint ventures and cooperation, resulting in intensified competition. Fortunately, in the future, the industry will still benefit from government attention and support. With the improvement of the product technology level of my country's rubber and plastic seal manufacturing industry, the transfer of the world's processing and manufacturing industries to China and the role of price leverage, the grade of China's export rubber and plastic seals has improved in recent years, and some products with high technical content has entered the international market. This situation brings great development opportunities to domestic rubber seals and plastic seal manufacturers. The research group of the rubber and plastic seal manufacturing industry of the Industrial Research Institute believes that domestic rubber and plastic seal manufacturers should pay attention to the development of brand awareness, environmental protection awareness and standardization, strengthen the research and development of products with independent intellectual property rights, promote the progress of common technologies in the industry, and implement green manufacturing. The scientific development concept, expand and extend the service connotation, make the manufacturing industry move towards the advanced level, and enhance the international competitiveness. Company website https://www.orksealing.com/
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