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Use of sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-11-12
The use of the sealing ring The use of the sealing ring is different for different materials. PU polyurethane silicone sealing ring: The mechanical properties, wear resistance and high pressure resistance of polyurethane rubber seals are far superior to other rubbers. Anti-aging, ozone resistance and oil resistance are also quite good, but it is easy to be hydrolyzed at high temperature. Typically used for high pressure, wear resistant sealing stages, such as hydraulic cylinders. Generally used in the temperature range of -45~90℃. ACM acrylic grease silicone sealing ring: It has good resistance to oil products, heat resistance and aging resistance, but the impact toughness, compression deformation rate and water resistance are slightly weaker. Generally used in automobile transmission system and power steering system. Not suitable for boiling water, brake fluid and polymethacrylic acid. Generally speaking, the temperature category is -25~170℃. IIR butyl sealing ring: Excellent sealing performance, heat resistance, sunlight resistance, ozone resistance, good insulation; good resistance to polar solvents such as alcohols, ketones, esters, etc., can be used in animal and vegetable oils or Exposure to oxides. Suitable for chemical resistance or vacuum technology. Not recommended for use with petroleum solvents, gasoline or xylene. The general operating temperature range is -50~110℃. NR natural silicone sealing ring: good wear resistance, good elasticity, tensile strength and elongation. However, the gas is easy to age, and it is easy to expand and melt in mineral oil or gasoline, and it is resistant to alkali but not strong alkali. It is suitable for liquids with hydroxide ions, such as automobile brake oil, alcohol, etc. The general application temperature range is -20~100℃.
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