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Vulcanized rubber products are often common, do you know how to manufacture molds?

by:ORK      2022-10-29
Vulcanized rubber molds are divided into four common molds according to the mold structure and product production process: press molding molds, aluminum die-casting molds, injection molding molds, extrusion molding molds, and some special rubber seals molds for manufacturing special rubber products. Such as pumping molds, polypropylene filament molds, etc. The following describes several common types of molds in detail. 1. Compression molding die Also known as general lamination. It is to put the mixed rubber, processed into a certain shape and weighed semi-finished processed rubber material immediately into the mold, and then send it to the tablet computer vulcanizer for pressurization and heating. The rubber compound is vulcanized and formed under the effect of charging and heating Features: The mold structure is simple, the practicability is strong, the application range is wide, and the actual operation is convenient, so it occupies a large proportion in the vulcanized rubber compression molding products. 2. Aluminum die-casting molds are also called transfer molds or extrusion molds. It is to process the semi-finished rubber material or rubber block semi-finished product that has been mixed with rubber and has a simple appearance into the cavity of the die-casting mold, extrude the rubber material according to the working pressure of the aluminum die-casting plug, and make the rubber material according to the pouring. The system software enters into the die cavity for vulcanization and setting. Features: It is more complicated than ordinary lamination, and is suitable for making thick-walled, long, thin and easily bendable products that cannot be pressed or improvised by ordinary die, as well as vulcanized rubber seals products that are complicated in appearance and cannot be fed. The products produced by this type of mold have good high density and excellent quality. 3. Injection molding mold It is to introduce the pre-heated plastic material into the mold through the pouring system software of the injection mold into the mold to set the shape and vulcanize. Features: Complicated structure, suitable for large and medium-sized, thick-walled pipes, thick-walled, and complicated products. The production is efficient, the quality is stable, and the automatic production can be completed. 4. The extrusion molding die is processed into semi-finished vulcanized rubber seals aluminum profiles with various cross-sectional shapes according to the molding die of the engine, so as to achieve the purpose of basic modeling design. The preformed semi-finished product processing compound necessary for the method. Features: High production efficiency, stable quality, and automatic production.
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