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Vulcanized rubber shaped parts refer to rubber products other than O-rings

by:ORK      2022-10-19
Vulcanized rubber special-shaped parts refer to rubber products other than O ring manufactures. They are customized according to engineering drawings or test samples. They are also called vulcanized rubber miscellaneous parts, or non-standard rubber products. Our factory can manufacture a variety of Vulcanized rubber seals shaped parts for various main purposes, including various Y-rings, V-rings, U-rings, window seals, rubber plugs, leather pads, function keys, gaskets, skeleton seals, etc. commodity. The product application level includes: sealing, moisture-proof, oil-proof, vapor-proof, connection, fixation, flame retardancy, electrical conductivity, insulating layer, food-grade stainless steel, etc. For vulcanized rubber special-shaped parts, our factory can determine the custom-made mold according to the engineering drawings provided by the customer, or according to the first sample provided by the customer, copy the number and design drawings, provide an effective structural plan and service support, and can be based on the product. The application situation selects suitable materials for customers to consider different natural environment application regulations. The common vulcanized rubber materials of vulcanized rubber special-shaped parts are as follows: 1. Fluorine rubber: It has heat resistance, can be used in the natural environment of -30℃-+250℃, and is resistant to oxidants, acid and alkali, and corrosion. Generally used for high temperature, high vacuum pump and high pressure environment, suitable for raw oil environment. Because of its various excellent properties, fluorine rubber is widely used in crude oil, chemical plants, and other units. 2. Silica gel: It has outstanding high and low temperature test characteristics, maintains stable application ductility in the temperature range of -70°C-+260°C, and has the advantages of active oxygen resistance and weather embrittlement resistance. It is suitable for thermomechanical applications. Sealing gaskets in equipment. Because it has no toxic and side effects, it can be made into thermal insulation, insulation layer crafts and medical equipment rubber seals and plastic products. 3. Nitrile rubber seals: It has the characteristics of high quality acid and alkali resistance and fragrant organic solvents, but it is not resistant to substances such as, ester and isopropyl titanate, so the acid and alkali resistance sealing crafts are dominated by Nitrile rubber. 4. Neoprene: It has excellent acid and alkali resistance, water washing resistance, organic chemical substances and other characteristics, but it is not resistant to alicyclic oil. Its characteristics are weather embrittlement resistance and active oxygen wear resistance. In manufacturing, neoprene is generally used to make sealing strips, pulse dampers and general vacuum pump sealing crafts; 5. EPDM: It has excellent high temperature resistance, weather embrittlement resistance and active oxygen wear resistance. It is the most common application in adhesive strip and automobile industry. 6. The PTFE composite gasket should use PTFE and high-quality fully vulcanized rubber as the material picture, and select a new type of rubber seal formed by a unique production process. The high-quality characteristics make the product not only have excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance, non-toxicity, anti-stickiness, but also excellent ductility and airtightness.
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