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Waterproof circle characteristics and functions

by:ORK      2020-07-02
Waterproof circle is a kind of use waterproof o-rings, commonly used in mechanical, at the tap connecting need waterproof, sealing products. Commonly used products made of silicone, NBR, epdm and so on, with the rapid development of economy, the waterproof ring has been widely used in all walks of life, in a lot of products, the lack of the waterproof ring fixed may appear weak, leakage and other phenomenon. Waterproof circle had some mechanical indispensable role in life, then by introduce the characteristics of the waterproof ring for everyone. Waterproof circle has excellent heat resistance, excellent oxidation resistance and low temperature flexibility of special performance and other characteristics, and ozone with high permeability and selectivity of gas through. Good electrical insulating properties, corona resistance and arc resistance. Especially in the process of use, waterproof circle these characteristics make it more into more of the industry. The surface of the waterproof ring can lower, with moisture absorption and isolation effect. Water resistance, but poor resistance to water vapor, therefore the pressure more than 50 kg is not recommended. General silicone rubber seals material waterproof circle acid-proof alkaline, polar solvent resistance, resistance to hydrogen alkanes and aromatic oils. Compatible with most of the oil, chemicals and solvents. Therefore is not recommended in the most concentrated solvent, oil, concentrated acid and diluted caustic soda solution. As a result, the waterproof ring is mainly used for waterproof, sealing products, the product is waterproof, sealing plays an important part of the job. There's no substitute for a product, introduced all the content that also give you more understanding of the waterproof ring, know its characteristics and some related purposes. If you just have to buy waterproof demand, welcome to consultation, hotline:
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