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Waterproof Rubber O Ring for Pipes

Waterproof Rubber O Ring for Pipes

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Transport Package
PE Bag Inside, Carton Outside
Standard or nonstandard
Dongguan, Cn
HS Code
Waterproof Rubber O Ring For Pipes

Waterproof rubber o ring for pipes can be made by NBR, EPDM or silicone. They can be used in different conditions. 


Our factory mainly produce o rings, and we have advantages on o rings.

1,  Wide range of dimensions:
    a) Standard, including AS 568, BS 1806, French, JIS B 2401-P / G / V / S series
    b) Nonstandard, we also have thousands of molds besides standard sizes.
    Total o ring molds, more than 4000. ID(0.5mm~1500mm), CS(0.3mm~23mm)

2,  Wide range of colors:
    Black, white, blue, yellow, red, green, we can also adjust colors by color number (Pantone).

3,  Wide range of materials:
NBR(Nitrile Rubber/Buna-N), SIL(Silicone Rubber), EPDM(Ethylene propylene Rubber),Viton(fluoroelastomer/FKM/FPM), HNBR(Hydrogenate Nitrile),IIR(Butyl Rubber), CR/Neoprene/Polychloroprene,   SBR(Styrene Butadiene Copolyme), PU (polyurethane rubber),  FLS (Fluorinated Silicone Rubber),  FFPM(FFKM).


Usually made by NBR, EPDM, or Silicone.  NBR is cheapest, but when the water is hot, NBR is not good to use, and if there is vapour, then we should use EPDM. 
MaterialNBR(Nitrile Rubber/Buna-N)
Advantages1,Excellent Abrasion-Resistance,Good Rebound Resistance
2,Good Tensile Strength and Elongation
3,Excellent Animal and Vegetable Oil Resistance
4,Good Oil and Fuel Resistance
5,Good Water Resistance
Disadvantage1,Poor Oxygenated-Solvent Resistance
 2,Poor Ozone Resistance
Temperature-40ºC-100ºC, -55ºC-100ºC(special formula)
MaterialSIL(Silicone Rubber)
Advantage1,Excellent Rebound Resistance
2,Excellent Oxygen and Ozone Resistance
3,Excellent Weathering and Heat Resistance
4,Excellent Heat and Low Temperature Resistance
5,Good heat insulation and heat dissipation.
6,Good electrical insulation
Disadvantage1,Poor Aliphatic-solvent Resistance
 2,Poor Alkaline Resistance
Temperature-60ºC-220ºC, -60ºC-250ºC(special formula)
MaterialEPDM(Ethylene propylene Rubber)
Advantage1,Excellent Weathering Resistance
2,Excellent Ozone Resistance
3,Excellent Flame Resistance
4,Excellent Heat Resistance
5,Excellent Water Resistance
6,Excellent Oxygenated-Solvent Resistance
Disadvantage1,Poor Oxygenated-Solvent Resistance
 2,Poor Oil and Fuel Resistance
Temperature-50ºC-150ºC, -50ºC-200ºC(Special formula)

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Item Name:  o ring,           Material: NBR, Silicone, EPDM,            Application: Pipe seal
Waterproof Rubber O Ring for Pipes
Waterproof Rubber O Ring for Pipes

Packing & Delivery:

Packing: PE bag inside, Carton outside. cartons on pallets if necessary.
Carton size: 46cm*33cm*33cm, 51cm*33cm*33cm, 29cm*23cm*19cm
Delivery: Large quantity by ship, small quantity by air or express.

Waterproof Rubber O Ring for Pipes

Our all Custom Rubber Seals are produced under the strict quality assurance. It is certified under REACH, FDA, and ROHS. Professional service also facilitates ORK to stand out in Custom Rubber Seals industry. It is certified under REACH, FDA, and ROHS.
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