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What are common seals?

by:ORK      2022-11-19
What are common seals? General seals include dust seals, piston rod seals, cache seals, guide support rings, end cap seals and piston seals. The main function of the sealing ring is to provide the sealing effect of the bearing, which is of great significance. Which seal ring manufacturer is strong? Has stable friction resistance. The friction between the equipment and moving parts maintained by the seals must be as small as possible and adhered to within the standard range. It is of great significance to increase the service life of equipment and avoid equipment damage. Has good corrosion resistance. Generally speaking, the application of the sealing ring will be subject to chemical changes of many gases and liquids, and the good corrosion resistance can maintain a long service life and slow down the aging speed. In addition to the general provisions of the sealing ring material, the main characteristics of the sealing ring should also pay attention to the following standards: Silicone sealing ring Elasticity and elasticity; Appropriate impact toughness, including expansion strength, elongation and wear resistance. The characteristics are stable, the material is not easy to expand, and the thermal shrinkage effect is small (Joule effect). Easy to machine and form and adhere to precise specifications. The sealing type of the hydraulic cylinder is as follows: dustproof ring, piston rod sealing ring, cache sealing ring, guide support ring, end cover sealing ring and piston sealing ring. The piston rod seal, also known as the U-cup, is the main hydraulic cylinder seal installed on the inside of the hydraulic cylinder end cover. The effect is to avoid gear oil exposure. Piston rod seals are made of polyurethane or nitrile rubber seals. In some cases, it must be used with a backup ring (also called a back-up ring) to avoid pinching and deformation under pressure.
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