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What are reasons affecting the quality of the silicone seal?

by:ORK      2020-07-30
Silicone seal the use of the wide application of silica gel seal quality directly influences the whole sealing quality of products, quality is everyone more concern, so small make up today is to introduce the common causes of affecting the quality of the silicone seal. Quality first need to see the silicone seal performance, influence the quality of raw materials have been the main performance of the silicone seal is, silica gel is the main significant performance with good low temperature resistance, small compression permanent deformation, can be used for food grade packing seal, performance is good, so want to choose high quality raw materials. Followed by the appearance, can appear the silicone seal size unhealthy phenomenon, the phenomenon such as burrs is too large, the main problems still depends on the mould. Mold production techniques, of course, also affect the cause of the mould is good or bad, the mould from the cutting edge of the machining accuracy also need to be promoted, if mold development of upper die and lower die line is too shallow, can appear product size deviation, the weight is different also, products kill yourself may also be different, so is not only affect the individual problems, also have a lot of influence on subsequent process. Production of silicone seal, mold development, rubber seals mixing various ingredients, vulcanization molding process is closely linked, there was a problem in one part will affect the next working procedure, so in the silicone seal process line is an organic whole repeatedly be short of one cannot, in addition to equipment and technology control, detection, and the details of each working procedure is the key to determine product quality problem. So when choosing the silicone seal manufacturers, these factors need to consider in good manufacturer to produce high quality silica gel seal. 17 years seals manufacturer, has its own ERP system, the TS system, from raw material to finished product has a strict management system, quality assurance, welcome consultation: learn more seals manufacturer information.
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