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What are the advantages and disadvantages of fluorine rubber seal?

by:ORK      2020-07-12
Fluorine rubber seal because of its excellent performance, often used for the seal performance requirements are higher. Of course different rubber seal performance are all different, so what kind of fluorine rubber seal have advantages and disadvantages? Tell you the seal. Fluorine rubber seal advantages: 1, fluorine rubber seal has good chemical stability, such as acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, resistant to hot water and steam, etc. , is the medium resistance is a kind of elastomer. 2, fluorine rubber, high temperature resistant performance is good, can be comparable to the high temperature resistance of silicone seal. 3, has the bright good weather aging resistance, ozone resistance. 4, fluorine rubber seals seal has excellent physical and mechanical properties. Fluorine rubber seal of faults: 1, resistant to low temperature brittleness is too big, cold resistance is poor. 2, resistant to radiation performance is more bad of an elastomer. 3, the price is quite high. Above is to enumerate the advantages and weaknesses of the fluorine rubber seals seal, although its performance is good, but when used according to the condition of the product, the right material, its advantage is good when you can play. Know more about the performance of the rubber seal, consultation:, 18 years of professional manufacturer of rubber sealing ring!
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