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What are the advantages of the EPDM EPDM seal?

by:ORK      2020-08-08
EPDM EPDM seal technology introduced from abroad and domestic in recent years, developed on the basis of independent research and development of new materials, mainly used in the car and the doors and Windows sealing strip, started in recent years used for building doors and Windows sealing strip, so what are the advantages of the EPDM EPDM seal? Article 1, EPDM EPDM seal does not contain halogen and heavy metals such as lead; 2, the proportion of small, high out of the window rate; Article 3, EPDM EPDM seal unit weight is light, scale strength, water absorption; Article 4, EPDM EPDM seal proof, leakproof, stop water effect; 5, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to high and low temperature, deformation, not brittle, long service life; 6, with independent opening bubble structure, special type joint plate appearance for honeycomb holes evenly distributed. Epdm seals due to ageing resistance performance is good, not only used for doors and Windows sealed, commonly used in the outdoor use of products is also more, so you need to choose according to conditions and different capable person, even if the same kind of different material formula, performance also varies. Article 18 years of professional seal factory, if you have more material and working condition of question, welcome to consult our:.
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