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What are the basic requirements of the rubber seal design scheme?

by:ORK      2022-11-06
Different machines and equipment have different requirements for the characteristics of rubber seals. When designing and selecting rubber seals seals for application, in-depth analysis and decision-making should be based on detailed conditions. The provisions for the key characteristics of the sealing ring are given: 1. Allowable leakage. The key requirement in the design of the rubber seal is the leakage rate, which is determined by the main purpose of the seal. To ensure that the allowable leakage rate of machinery and equipment in all normal operation is called the allowable leakage rate. The allowable leakage rate is usually determined based on the detailed conditions of the machinery and equipment, and there is no consistent specification. 2. Friction. Friction will cause heat and damage to the rubber sealing ring, and even damage the protruding surface of the parts, which is the key reason for the invalidation and leakage of the sealing ring. The key to the friction of touch sealing is the friction resistance and lubricating standard of the raw material. 3. Damaged. If there is friction, it will cause damage, and the damage will definitely reduce the characteristics of the rubber sealing ring and reduce the service life of the equipment. The wear rate of the sealing ring and the arc surface depends on the sealing method, the raw material of the rubber sealing ring and its hydrodynamic wettability. The damage to the shaft by the packing seal is very high, especially when the material has wear-resistant materials in it. 4. Specifications. The hermetic equipment should be as compact as possible, and the limits in the construction ruler should be clearly defined by the equipment as a whole. The selection of the rubber seals sealing ring should be based on the temperature of the system software at work, the working pressure and the type of the sealed material, corrosion, toxic and side effects, inflammable and explosive materials, pollution, etc. Relative density, viscosity, etc., and the appearance of the surface and so on fully considered. Under normal circumstances, when the bottom pressure is at room temperature, a non-metallic material soft rubber seals sealing ring is used; when the temperature and working pressure fluctuate greatly, a high elastic sealing ring or a self-tightening sealing ring is used; when the ultra-low temperature, corrosive substances or vacuum pump As a standard, consideration should be given to the use of sealing rings with unique characteristics.
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