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What are the characteristics of the silicone sealing strip?

by:ORK      2020-07-05
Because the silica gel sealing strip has non-toxic, environmental protection, and uv resistant, flame retardant, high transparency, strong resilience, good resistance to pressure, so is the sealing strip is one of the more common material, so what are the characteristics of the silicone seal? 1, weatherability, ordinary rubber sealing strip ozone generated by corona discharge under the action of rapid degradation, and silica gel sealing strip is not affected by ozone. Article 2, heat-resistant silicone seal than ordinary rubber seals sealing strip has better heat resistance and can be used at 150 degrees, and will not change the performance. It can be short-term continuous use under 200 degrees. 3, cold tolerance - for the general rubber sealing strip delay degrees 20 ~ 30 degrees, the silica gel for - 60 degrees - 70 degrees, still has good elasticity, also some special formula of silicone seal can withstand the low temperature. 4, imported silicone soft hardness 40 & plusmn; 5 degrees, domestic silicone soft 50 & plusmn; 5 degrees, hard 80 & plusmn; 5 degrees. 5, electrical conductivity when adding conductive fillers such as carbon black, the keyboard will have a conductive contact point. Article 5, electrical properties, the silicone seal with high resistivity, the resistance in the wide temperature and frequency range remained stable. At the same time, the silicone sealing strip has good resistance to high voltage corona discharge and arc discharge performance. 6, resist radiation radiation enhanced plant containing silicon cable electrical insulating connector above to pass some of the major characteristics of the silicone seal, besides seals manufacturer also can customize according to customer requirements of different structure size, performance, and other kinds of seals. Article 18 years seal manufacturers, such as the need to learn more about sealing strip, welcome to contact.
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