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What are the coloring methods for silicone rubber sealing rings?

by:ORK      2022-10-31
What are the coloring methods for silicone rubber sealing rings? The method is to dissolve the silicone rubber sealing ring and other solvents in a solution of a certain concentration, then add the colorant and the vulcanizing agent complex to the solution, stir evenly, dry the solvent at a certain temperature, and then add the vulcanizing agent to the rubber mixer . The dyeing method has complicated operation, uneven distribution of dyes and compounding agents, bright colors, difficulty in solvent recovery and environmental pollution, and is rarely used at present. 2. Mixed coloring. This method is a very commonly used coloring method for silicone rubber sealing rings at present. The colorant is directly added or mixed with the carrier, mixed with the rubber seals, and mixed with a rubber mixer for uniform coloring. There are four specific methods: Dry powder dyeing. This method is to directly mix powder colorants in small and medium silicone rubber materials. The method is simple to operate and low in cost, but it has large dust, pollutes the environment, uneven dispersion, poor color, and excessively thick particles, and can also cause quality problems such as color spots, streaks, and chromatographic pollution, and is rarely used at present. For ease of use, powder colorants can also be mixed with stearic acid and sulfate, and are commercially available as predispersed colorants. Color paste dyeing. This law stipulates that the liquid compounding agent such as colorant and plasticizer is mixed first, and then it is made into a paste or paste with a three-roller machine, and then silicone rubber is added in a certain proportion for mixing. This is not only beneficial to avoid dust flying, but also to the dispersion and uniformity of the colorant in the silicone rubber. However, the colorant in the color paste is low in colorant content, low in coloring rate, large in transportation volume and large in loss, which is inconvenient for users to use. Pellet coloring. There are two main methods of manufacturing colorant particles. As with other powder formulations, one method is to impregnate powder colorant surfactants, dissolve with wax or dissolve with resin to make particles. The second method is to impregnate the colorant surfactant, and then use mechanical force to make the colorant particles micronized to make a dispersion of a certain concentration, co-precipitate with the emulsion, and roll into particles after drying. Among these, surfactants are mainly anionic and nonionic, such as fatty acid salts. For sulfonates, etc., natural latex is usually used. This product is easy to use, high dispersion, no dust, no pollution to the environment, bright color, uniform color development, no color difference, is a very promising coloring method. However, the preparation process of granular pigments is complicated, the cost is high, and the application is limited. Masterbatch coloring. This method is to put the colorant first. The plasticizer and other parts of the silicone rubber compounding agent are mixed with the raw rubber with an open mill to make a colorant with a concentration of about 50%, which is mixed with the silicone rubber in proportion to color. The method has good coloring effect on dyes with small particles and difficult to disperse, with uniform color development and no color difference. When adding, pay attention to the concentration of colorant in the masterbatch, and deduct the amount of other complexes when adding.
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