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by:ORK      2020-08-03
As transportation, construction, the development of the modern facilities, also more and more serious noise pollution, the noise of the overload for a long time stimulation can cause the damage of the central nervous system, so the demand of sound insulation foam sealing strip is gradually increasing, so what are the effect of sound insulation foam sealing strip? 1, the so-called sound insulation foam sealing strip, first of all, its action is, of course, sound insulation, it can be useful to inhibit noise transmission, so as to have the effect of sound insulation. 2, the second is the decline in heat conduction, the heat conduction coefficient of insulation foam sealing strip is much lower than general sealing strip, useful down through the window aperture heat conduction. 3, aging resistance, sound insulation foam sealing strip's own formula, make its can withstand harsh environments such as temperature mutations detection, in heavy rain, sun, dry and cold environment also has good anti-aging function, its service life is much longer than general sealing strip. 4, in addition to the above effect, sound insulation foam sealing strip in the process of design can also according to the requirement of the operating conditions to produce different performance, such as uv, ozone resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and so on a variety of different performance. Article 18 years seal manufacturers, now has workshop 20000 square meters, with a strong r&d team, the formula design, mold design, such as technicians a total of 35 people, can design according to customer demand for the customer different performance of sealing strip, hotline:.
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