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What are the key points to pay attention to in the production and processing of sealing ring products?

by:ORK      2022-11-16
Although the sealing ring is not big, if the quality is not up to standard, it will also cause great confusion in our work, food, clothing, housing and transportation, just like if the sealing ring in people's water cups is not tight, when you put the cup in the bag At that time, if the water leaked, was it very inconvenient? Therefore, when making seals, there are many things that must be paid attention to. First of all, the sealing ring must have ductility and resilience. If it is not ductile, it will not have elasticity. We all know that items with excessive steel hardness are very easy to break. If it is not ductile, the actual effect of sealing is undoubtedly not very good. Yes, if the resilience is not very good, the effect of sealing will be lost after a long time. Secondly, it must have the necessary compressive strength. It cannot be said that it will deform or rupture under the condition of pressure. 3. The material properties of the sealing ring must be stable and immiscible with the chemical substances that must be sealed. Finally, the sealing ring must be easy to form at the time of production and processing, and can be made strictly according to the specifications and models, which means that the high-precision characteristics are better. Think about it, even if there is a little problem with the sealing gasket on the cup, then Water will leak out. 5. In view of the lack of environmental pollution on the surface, if the material quality of the sealing ring is unqualified, especially if it is used in clothing, food, housing and medical equipment, and the quality is unqualified, the damage to everyone's human body will be very large. If environmental pollution is caused to the sealing chemical substances, the practical significance of sealing will be lost. In other words, although the sealing ring is not a big item, people will often use it in daily life, but when buying a sealing ring, it is best to have a sufficient grasp of its characteristics, otherwise, it will be easy to give Social life causes change and damage, which must be paid great attention to by everyone.
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