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What are the main advantages of U-rings

by:ORK      2022-10-25
The main advantages of U-rings are introduced: U-shaped oil seals are the most widely used oil seals in hydraulic cylinders, and they can achieve good sealing effects whether they are used for pistons or piston rods. According to the design of the inner and outer lip shape, the oil seal can be divided into three types: hole use, shaft use and general use of hole and shaft. The short and thick outer lip is used for the hole, represented by D-1; the short and thick inner lip is used for the axis, represented by D-2; the two lips whose sizes are symmetrical are for the hole axis, represented by UN . U-shaped ring is the most commonly used oil seal in hydraulic cylinder, it is a typical lip seal, whether it is used for piston or piston rod, it can obtain good sealing effect. Mainly used for piston or piston rod sealing in heavy duty mobile machinery or industrial hydraulics. U-Ring Main Advantages——Excellent wear resistance——Insensitive to shock loads and pressure peaks——High resistance to extrusion——Low permanent compression set——Applicable to harsh working conditions Solving the problem of U-ring demoulding: There are many types of rubber seals, such as EPDM automotive seals, fluorine rubber oil seals, nitrile nitrile rubber, etc. At present, the qualified rate of many manufacturers' products is low, and the product gloss cannot meet the requirements. An additional process is required to spray the surface to make the product surface matt. In fact, these can be improved by increasing the efficacy of the release agent. EPDM automotive seals can be sprayed with a semi-permanent release agent in a spray can, such as 820-NC, sprayed once, and used in one shift. U-ring In addition, after the mold is used for many times, if it is dirty, you can use HD-303 mold washing water without going offline, which can effectively improve the production efficiency. Fluorine rubber oil seals, iron parts and fluorine rubber composite products are difficult to demold due to the metal skeleton, and the defective rate is relatively high. If silicone oil products are used, the bonding force between the skeleton and the fluorine rubber will be affected, which requires semi-permanent removal. Molding agent HD-820, the product is processed once and demolded many times, it will not affect the bonding between the rubber seals and the skeleton. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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