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What are the material properties of fluororubber sealing ring?

by:ORK      2022-10-15
What are the material properties of fluororubber sealing ring? 1. Reliability of organic chemistry Fluorine rubber has extremely high reliability of organic chemistry and is one of the best material resistance properties among all current elastomer materials. 26 type fluorine rubber is resistant to crude oil, diester feedstock oil, silicon ether magnesium chloride feedstock oil, strong oxidant resistance, resistance to a variety of organic solutions, but resistance to low molecular structure ketones, ethers, esters, amines, ammonia, hydrochloric acid, chlorosulfonic acid , In the work of calcium phosphate type 23, the properties of strong antioxidants such as fuming nitric acid and sulfuric acid are better than those of type 26. 2. Excellent heat resistance properties The heat resistance properties of fluorine rubber are the same as those of silica gel, which can be said to be the best among elastomer materials at this stage. 3. Good anti-aging performance, good temperature aging resistance and active oxygen resistance. 4. High-quality vacuum pump characteristics It has better vacuum pump characteristics. 5. High-quality physical properties It has excellent physical, chemical and physical properties. The shrinkage and deformation are large under continuous high temperature, but under the same conditions, both nitrile rubber and neoprene are more than 26-type plastics. 6. Good electrical equipment properties 23 type fluorine rubber has good electrical properties and lower water absorption than other elastomer materials, so it can be used as an excellent electrical insulating layer material. Fluorine rubber is generally suitable for applications at low frequency and low voltage, and the temperature is relatively harmful to the characteristics of its electrical equipment. When it rises from 24 to 184 °C, its grounding resistance is reduced by 35,000 times. 7. Small gas property Fluorine rubber sealing ring has high solubility in vapor, but the spread rate is relatively small, so the overall air permeability is also small. According to reports, the air permeability of 26-type fluorine rubber to oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide at 30 °C is very good with butyl, and better than that of neoprene and natural rubber. 8. Poor ultra-low temperature characteristics The ultra-low temperature characteristics of fluororubber seals are poor, which is also because of its own chemical structure. For example type 23-11 Tg>;0. The ultra-low temperature properties of the fluorine rubber used are usually indicated by the ductility temperature and the shrinkage low temperature resistance index. The secret recipe and product appearance of plastic pellets are more harmful to the ductility temperature. 9. Poor anti-radiation ability The anti-radiation property of fluorine rubber is the weaker one among the elastomer materials. After the effect of the type 26 plastic radiation source, it mainly shows the effect of chemical cross-linking, and the type 23 mainly shows the effect of cracking.
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