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What are the processes of using FRP single hydraulic prop?_Rubber seal_Rubber seal manufacturer

by:ORK      2022-11-28
What are the processes of using FRP hydraulic props body, hang the locking sleeve, operate the liquid injection gun, the high pressure liquid of the pump station will open the spherical one-way valve in the three-purpose valve through the liquid injection gun, enter the pillar, and force the movable pillar to rise. (2) Bearing process After the FRP single hydraulic pillar is supported, it is in a bearing state. With the extension of the support time, the load of the working face roof on the pillar increases. When the load on the pillar exceeds the rated working resistance, the pillar When the force of the high-pressure liquid in the inner cavity acting on the safety valve pad exceeds the pressing force given by the safety valve spring to the hexagonal guide sleeve, the safety valve spring is compressed, the safety valve pad and the hexagonal guide sleeve move together, and the safety valve pad leaves the valve seat , the safety valve is opened, the liquid in the inner cavity overflows, and the live column shrinks down. Rebalance top plate pressure. (3) When the FRP single hydraulic prop is recovered during the column return process, insert the unloading handle into the unloading hole of the right valve cylinder of the three-purpose valve, and turn the unloading handle to force the valve sleeve, connecting screw, oil filling valve body, etc. to move axially as a whole. , compress the unloading valve spring, the unloading valve pad leaves the sealing surface of the left valve cylinder, the unloading valve is opened, the working fluid in the inner cavity of the pillar is sprayed into the goaf through the left valve cylinder, and the live column is retracted under the action of its own weight and the return spring. Complete pillar recycling. Previous:What are the advantages and disadvantages of rubber seals products in the use process
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