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What are the properties of nitrile rubber sealing ring?

by:ORK      2020-07-28
Many people know that the main characteristic of NBR NBR sealing ring is oil resistant, good wear resistance, that there are no other characteristics? The seal is to introduce the characteristics of nitrile rubber sealing ring. 1, nitrile rubber seals sealing ring resistance to gasoline, and fat hydrocarbon oil performance is very good, good heat resistance, excellent resistance to deformation and air tightness, wear resistance and good resistance to water, etc. , strong cohesive force; 2, resistant to ozone is poorer than the neoprene, 3, rubber by reinforcing the better physical mechanical properties and wear resistance; 4, when the NBR propylene nitrile content was 39%, air tightness and IIR butyl rubber, good air tightness; 5, low temperature flexibility in general; 6, excellent antistatic properties; 7, using the polar lipid plasticizing effect is better; 8, has good compatibility with polar materials, such as PVC, action acid resin, nylon; Each rubber material has its advantages and disadvantages, of course, nitrile rubber sealing ring the disadvantage is that the ozone resistance is poorer, strength and elasticity is generally, acid resistance is poor, electrical insulation is bad, polar solvent resistance is poor. Nitrile rubber seals mainly used in the manufacture of all kinds of oil seal, shock absorption products, rubber seals hose, sealing products, such as still need to know more about the performance characteristics of nitrile rubber sealing ring, welcome consulting, 17 years professional manufacturer of sealing ring!
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