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by:ORK      2022-11-27
seals also have those functions. seals can be used as dust-proof seals, but metal is used in hydraulic cylinders with severe dust or in order to protect the machine and cold zone to deal with the icing on the outside of the piston rod. The sticks on the rods are also metal. The square or trapezoidal dust ring belongs to the packing seal in the sealing mechanism. The dustproof ability is related to the tightness of the contact. The tighter the contact, the better the dustproof ability, but the greater the friction resistance. Wedge wipers are virtually indistinguishable from lip rings, relying on the contact force of the lip tip to scrape away dust and dirt. Its frictional resistance is small, but the angle between the lip tip and the shaft surface has a great influence on the sealing performance and wear, and its dustproof efficiency. When the lip tip is outward, the included angle can be satisfied as long as it is greater than 4°, and when the lip tip is inward, the dustproof effect is not good. The contact state of the lip and the shaft surface also directly affects the dustproof effect and the wear of the lip. Several common contact situations, including normal contact state, thin oil film, good dust-proof effect, less wear; too large interference, too tight contact, and wide contact surface, which changes the contact angle and makes the lip tip lift, Not only the dustproof effect is poor, but also the friction resistance is large, the lip tip contact is insufficient, and the friction is not large, but it cannot be dustproof; the lip tip contact angle is too large, the dustproof effect is short, and it is easy to wear and tear, which becomes the cause of serious oil leakage. seals are extremely important for protecting critical hydraulic equipment components. The infiltration of dust will not only wear the seals, but also greatly wear the guide sleeve and the piston rod. The impurities entering the hydraulic medium will also affect the function of the operating valve and the pump, and in the worst case, may also damage these devices. The wiper can remove any dust on the surface of the piston rod without damaging the oil film on the piston rod, which is also beneficial for the lubrication of the seal. More information on rubber seals seals
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