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What are the symptoms of rubber sealing ring aging?

by:ORK      2020-07-14
sealing ring in the process of use or store sometimes soft and sticky, harden brittle crack, mould, etc. , generally these phenomena, mainly for the appearance of the aging performance, what are the manifestation of the rubber seals sealing ring aging? A change, exterior rubber seal material is qualitative different, different using conditions, the changes are also different. 1, soft and sticky: natural rubber thermal oxidation aging, chlorohydrin rubber. 2, harden brittle: butadiene rubber hot oxygen aging, nitrile rubber, styrene butadiene rubber aging. 3, crack: unsaturated rubber ozone aging, most of the light of the rubber oxygen aging, but is not the same as the crack shape. 4, musty: rubber of biological aging. Another: a spot, crack, bloom, pulverization white wait for a phenomenon. Second, the performance of the rubber seal performance change change is a key factor. 1, the change of physical and chemical properties: density, thermal conductivity, glass transition temperature, melting point, refractive index, solubility, expansibility, rheological property, molecular weight, molecular weight distribution; Heat, cold resistant, breathable, waterproof and pervious to light performance changes. 2, the change of physical and mechanical properties, tensile strength, elongation, impact strength, bending strength, shear strength, fatigue strength, elasticity and abrasion resistance are decreased. 3, the change of the electrical insulation resistance, dielectric constant and dielectric loss, the change of breakdown voltage and other electrical and electrical insulation. Three changes, structure, appearance, performance, the causes of change is structural change. 1, crosslinking between molecules, molecular weight increases; Harden crisp appearance. 2, the molecular chain of degradation of fracture, molecular weight is reduced, appearance performance change soft sticky. 3, other changes on the molecular structure, modification, main chain or side chain side base off weak bond rupture, generally occurs in the special rubber seal. Professional manufacturer of sealing ring seal of 18 years, has a modern standard workshop more than 20000 square meters, more than 30 professional technicians. Have scientific CNC processing center, vulcanization molding equipment, can open mould according to the different requirements of the customers, processing all kinds of different types, different materials of rubber products. If you have more material and working condition of question, welcome to consult our:.
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